PC Support

We are intelligent, competent, social and certified technicians.

Based on your needs, we are creating a support level that suits you. All companies sometimes need professional PC support, assistance with servers, printers and administration. We have great experience and expertise in PC support, various different operating systems, office applications and other software applications.

How we can help your business. We usually help our customers with support on a regular basis, from a few hours every other week for a couple of days a week - tailored to our clients needs. We then work with case management system established in SharePoint or another to best meet your need. We help you manage all the servers and desktops in your environment and on request we are also still available for the PC support and Server help at other times than working.

We provide expertise in the most common software used today, and we are the sales centers of the world störsts wholesale of hardware and software and can help you with both purchase, installation and support for your organization.

Contact us. We'll help you.

+46 (0)8 24 40 30 info@devcore.se

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