SuperOffice CRM

SuperOffice is one of the largest CRM systems in Europe and offers both installable software and solutions on web server or in the cloud. The system has been developed since 1989.

SuperOffice CRM focuses on improving user productivity in sales, marketing and customer service. Integration with Microsoft Office and Exchange means that all extra work with moving data between systems are eliminated. For a long time, SuperOffice was only offered as installable software but is now available as a cloud-based solution.

SuperOffice is offered in mobile format with their app Pocket CRM. It has been nominated one of the top 20 apps by Initiative Mittelstand in Germany. As SuperOffice has a strong local connection in Sweden, Swedish companies are well taken care of. Fast and customized customer support is an important ingredient in a successful implementation.

The SuperOffice API makes it easy for developers

The SuperOffice API makes it easy for developers to build new applications and integrations. As an administrator, you can also add shortcuts to other programs / websites that send data from SuperOffice to the program / website when someone clicks the button / link. This means that you do not need to be an advanced developer to create integrations between other systems and SuperOffice.

There are also already developed third-party integrations with other known systems available.

SuperOffice is a powerful tool

SuperOffice is a powerful tool for maintaining customer base, prospect lists and leads. It also provides tools for mailings and campaigns. As it is sales-oriented, it is perfect for you with high demands on efficient marketing and streamlined sales processes.

DevCore and SuperOffice

DevCore has made many successful implementations of SuperOffice and also developed and managed integrations with other systems. With good insight into the system, a long history as a partner and with skilled consultants, we are the obvious choice when you have chosen SuperOffice as CRM. DevCore is also available for those of you who have not decided how you want to improve your sales & marketing department and / or customer service.

As consultants, DevCore has helped customers with

  • Creating custom modules for PDF generation, fax plugins, integrations and expanding SuperOffice's category system for projects with integration.
  • Creating integration between SuperOffice and Hummingbird.
  • Improving and fixing bugs in integration between SuperOffice and Apsis.
  • Installing Exchange integration from Infobridge on existing SuperOffice installation.
  • Performing upgrades and new installations of SuperOffice.

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