Absence management

Leave Calendar for intranet in Microsoft SharePoint. DevCore Leave Calendar lets you easily handle all sorts of leave requests by offering a highly customizable yet easy to use calendar view with settings for controlling request approval and overall appearance.

The add-in is essentially a SharePoint calendar list for holding leave requests. The requests are displayed in a custom calendar view that will display requests in different color depending on leave type. The calendar is also filterable by each leave type and your company departments making it easier to navigate and find what's important among all requests.

Approval Process. Requests that require approval will send an email to your manager with a link to approve the request. When the request is approved or rejected an email is sent to the requestee.

Customize for your needs. Leave types can be added, modified or removed and also has settings for color and whether or not approval is required. For instance, by default a vacation request requires approval while a sick leave will auto-approve. There is no restriction on types of leaves so the options can essentially be customized to be used for any types of requests that may or may not require approval and be displayed in a calendar.

Approval Emails and Client Web Parts

Approval Emails. The emails used for sending out approval and confirmation emails are fully customizable. Placeholders are used for dates, names and other dynamic data.

Client Web Parts. The add-in comes with two client web parts. One which displays the full calendar with all filters and controls that is used on the main page of the add-in and one for displaying Today's Leave typically used in a sidebar on a landing page on your company intranet.

Calendar View and Other Functionality

Calendar View. The calendar used to display the requests has views for month, week and day. Filters for department, individual users and type of leave are present on top. Different colors are used for different leave types and pending requests have a striped background.

Other Functionality. The requests are stored in a SharePoint calendar list which means that core functions such as exporting items to excel, creating custom list views, adding repeating events and so on is fully supported.

List of Features

  • Calendar
  • Change view - month, week, day.
  • Add request (quick) - Lightweight pop-up for quickly adding a request.
  • Add request (advanced) - Use standard new form for full set of options.
  • Filter by department - Dropdown for showing requests from users within a department.
  • Filter by person - Dropdown for showing requests only from one person.
  • Filter by leave - Dropdown for showing requests only for certain types of leaves.
  • Approval Workflow

More features

  • Turn approval on or off for all requests
  • Control approval by type of leave - Each leave type has a setting for approval.
  • Change approval emails - Modify the email templates used by changing the content and layout of each template.
  • Workflow - Requests that require approval will send an email to your Manager. When a request is approved or rejected, an email will be sent to the requestee.
  • Leave Types

Change leave types etc

Change leave types - Add, remove or delete leave types. Modify colors - Change color for each leave type with a color picker. Reporting

List View - View all requests in a standard SharePoint list view. Approval View - View requests awaiting approval in a standard SharePoint list view. Export to excel - Use SharePoint's built in support for exporting requests to excel.  Custom list views - Create custom list views filtered, sorted or presented for your needs. Presentation

Today's leave - Show Today's Leave on the start page of your intranet. Colors - Seperate requests by color. Approval status - Pending requests are showed with a striped background. Declined requests are shown with a strike through text

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