Contract management

DevCores Contract Management module for SharePoint is a solution allowing your organisation to manage contracts and agreements in SharePoint in a simple and easy to manage way.

When a contract is added relevant data is registered, this often includes an internal contract manager or contact and contract expiration notification settings. When a contract expiration occurs the manager is automatically notified through e-mail. Within the SharePoint list views contracts are highlighted with different colours depending on status and expiration dates. The list views can be sorted and filtered as per the end-user requirements.

Contract management for SharePoint functionality

Full Integration with all SharePoint functions, Notifications, Sort and filters, List views, Contract lists with different access rights, Contract categories through drop down menus, Single or multiple file attachments per agreement, Below a list view and start page example.

List of some functions of our SharePoint module for contract management

  • Full Integration with all SharePoint functions
  • Notifications
  • Sort and filters
  • List views
  • Contract lists with different access rights
  • Contract categories through drop down menus
  • Single or multiple file attachments per agreement

Intended areas for SharePoint contract management

Most organisations find it difficult to manage contracts and agreements. Most organisations use manual administrative processes to track contracts through lists. Using DevCore Contract Management for SharePoint a contract manager receives an automatic notification so the most appropriate proactive action can be taken before a contract has expired, alternatively automatically been renewed. Using the attachment functionality the digital version of the contract is archived in a centralised database. Should a contact person leave the organisation the contract is still available in the repository and notifications are also sent to a group contract manager for proactive delegation or management.

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