System Development

System and Development. DevCore has many years of experience in advanced web development and systems development in ASP, .NET, C #, Java, XML, PHP, JavaScript, C ++ and HTML / CSS.

DevCore have developed sites and applications in everything from poker and web shops to customized applications for ERP, integration, mobile applications and reports. The combination of expertise in different systems doing so we can see the big picture from our customers, it has led to our solutions create strong added value and often better / cheaper or stronger solution than that outlined in the beginning.

ERP and databases

DevCore assist customers with planning, configuration and installation of the integration database to gather data for a customer in one place. From this database we then work to set up reporting and management of data based on the client needs and preferences. It may be that a customer wants to present some partial data from one system to another, or just transfer data between the CRM system and the financial system.

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