Case Management

SharePoint Case Management enables better control of the internal workflow and processes. SharePoint is a modular and scalable solution for both simple and advanced case management.

We recommend it to track issues, damage and all other internal processes. If you are using SharePoint for case management you simplify the internal tracking of issues, cases and easily collect project, customer, documents and details, all presented with a simple overview.

Using SharePoint Case Management you can easily create specific functions and workflows tailored to your specific needs. SharePoint is Active Directory integrated allowing you to associate specific cases to users and through APIs to external systems and customers.

The SharePoint interface simplifies and enables effective control of daily operations, internal and customer cases.

The DevCore Case Management Module for SharePoint enables simple and effective management of all cases. The operator adds relevant information and creates a case. Notifications are sent to the relevant case operators and participants. It is also possible to start cases through email, enabling external and users without SharePoint access to initiate cases.

Cases are colour coded after priority providing operators a simple view over different priority cases. Depending on customer requirements status updates for open cases can be notified daily until cases are either started or closed.

The DevCore Case Management module for SharePoint allows operators to see cases issued to them as individuals, high priority cases, and cases without operators, new cases, customer information and statistics. It is also possible to integrate this module with customer databases to present more details on a status page.

Functions include

  • Automatic notifications
  • Multiple roles for operators
  • Web status pages
  • Email case initiation
  • Role and case privileges
  • Automatic reminders for open or not yet started cases
  • Multiple case priorities
  • Many customers of different sizes use the DevCore Case Management Module. Some customers also use the Module with advanced integration with external systems to deal with customer details.

Case Management is just one of the many applications SharePoint can be used for. The platform can also be used for intranet and as a document management system.

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