Record Management

DevCore Record Registration Management for SharePoint is a solution for managing registration tasks. Many businesses are required to register the documents and communications in a safe and efficient manner.

DevCore Registration is built with SharePoint at the bottom of its constituent basic functionality. Since the functionality has been further developed and adapted for a simple and efficient handling of the case. You simply create a new registration task directly from a document in SharePoint. You can both create new and add information to an existing case.

The document is marked up in SharePoint for registration and information about where the original document came from is added to the document level in the matter, everything to optimize traceability. Matters labeled with information such as the manager, who is authorized to see and work with the case and the status example. ongoing, completed, filed.

When a file is closed, it becomes locked for all users, so that nothing can change the fact. All cases are collected in one place for a good overview and handling. How the list will look like can be tailored to your wishes.

The solution is fully customizable

The solution is fully customizable so that you can get it customized according to your wishes, requirements and procedures.

DevCore Record Managemnet features

  • Notification and Roles
  • Webparts
  • It is easy to records of any document anywhere in SharePoint
  • Only managers can work with the matter
  • Archiving Function
  • Integrated with Active Directory

Intranet, Teams and document management

SharePoint as diary management is just one of the applications that can be done with SharePoint. The web platform can also be used for intranet and document management systems.

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