Episerver Find

A whole new way of working with search and presentation of information on your website or your intranet.

Episerver find can be configured so that it searches data not only on your web but also through external sources, such as blogs or other pages outside Episerver. With the help of the customer's visit, can guide the customer directly from google to contact or conversion. Helps the customer find the right content and you as a web owner to present targeted content based on what the customer is looking for. Allows you to tag the content when you create it so that it is presented based on the keyword you want, whenever you want and of course synonyms on different words.

Strong faceting and filtering features

With strong faceting and filtering features, you can help the visitor easily filter out the information they are looking for. Perhaps they want to find a recipe with specific ingredients? Or upcoming events in their neighborhood? Allows you to automatically generate pages based on customer queries so that it presents information that is most relevant to the customer in connection with the search. Has function for recommended related content and best bet.

Guided search

Guided search (you start searching for a word and options appear) then learns how customers search your site and optimize suggestions and search results for your conversion. Can be used to conveniently find suitable information to show on your pages. For example, filtered lists based on tags and links between pages, such as listing the 5 most popular items associated with a product.

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