Deviation Management

DevCore has designed Deviation Management in SharePoint to enable companies to safely and effectively monitor their deviation reporting and deviation issues.

DevCore Deviation Management makes it easy to document errors and shortcomings found within the business as well as solve problems and find improvement opportunities. DevCore Deviation Management allows you to easily create advanced deviation flows in order to quality assure your business in an efficient and secure way and to be able to correct and prevent errors and deficiencies.

DevCore Deviation Management is a flexible and easy solution that can be tailored to suit your workflows. It is fully customizable according to your requirements and needs. You get a clear overview of all discrepancies, external as well as internal, and it's easy to get statistics.

DevCore Deviation Management features

  • Report, manage and follow up cases.
  • Clear overview of the number of deviations in the organization.
  • Full and customized workflows.
  • Select notifications and reminders you want to use.
  • Easy to manage both internal and external issues. One can e-mail new cases from an external email address.
  • Reporting tools for internal and external audits, rounds and investigations, eg.
  • Home page with a good overview of the issues, like My cases and others.
  • Keep track of ongoing, closed and archived cases.
  • You can attach files to cases.
  • Easy to form the system to get the right flow. Set rules in templates and fields so that the right person is immediately notified, insert own roles and filters. You can specify where and when to send e-mail by ticking user roles for each event.
  • Adjust the system's subject field so that everything necessary is included as: Issue Number, Date, Title, Status, Priority, Flagging, Responsible Person, Date of Follow-up, Event, Attach Files, Comments External as Internal, End Date, etc.
  • Ability to see history and recent activities about what happened, when, how etc.
  • Take out statistics / logs.
  • Integrated with Active Directory.

SharePoint as Deviation Management

SharePoint as Deviation Management is just one of all applications that can be made with SharePoint. The web platform can also be used for intranets, document management systems etc.

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