it konsulter utvecklare på devcore kontoret i stockholm

Development and System Management part time

DevCore have chosen to work as a consultant part-time to their customers so that the customer can expect that the consultant remains to be able to help even after a completed project.

We work as consultants, part-time in both web development, system development and operation. We have several customers which we are working as a developer part-time to continuously operate and further develop applications, Web and Systems and they think it is great fun to work with customers for a longer time and not only in short-term projects.

When we work as consultants in web development or operation on the part of our customers leads to our customers get expertise from a whole company without having to have multiple consultants or employees on the spot.

We serve as the company's extraordinary help or only help

We serve as the company's extraordinary help or only help in cases where companies need very different skills but may not need a full-time consultant, a full-time or when companies need a long term partner and wish to continue working with the same consultants for a long time.

We have agreements that developers and consultants in the development and operation on the part of our customers or remotely from 1-5 days a week, sometimes split on several people and sometimes only one, depending on customer needs.

We work as consultants and developers on the part of

  • Web Development (C #, VB.NET, PHP, SharePoint, EPiServer, etc.)
  • System development (C #, VB.NET, PHP)
  • General IT operations (server, support, maintenance, etc.)
  • Report development and integration (SQL Server, primary Reporting Services)
  • CRM (Salesforce)

Contact us. We'll help you.

+46 (0)8 24 40 30

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