David G

David has spent more than 10 years on ERP and CRM systems, project management, networking, PC-support and managed services. David has integrated ERP and CRM systems all over Europe including intercontinental connections. He has experience from systems like, Salesmaker, Agresso, Siebel, SuperOffice and MS CRM. David's background as a network engineer and system administrator provides him an excellent understanding for mission critical IT in several areas. David is considered to be social, content and customer focused - he always put the customer's needs and solutions first. Core competencies: Project management, leadership, business intelligence and solution design.

Peter H

Peter is our business intelligence and reporting expert. He is very experienced in Microsoft Reporting Services and a multitude of other reporting tools including structuring and managing data in databases. His experience ranges from high level design to advanced T-SQL procedures. Peter is also an experienced web developer, networking, and PC-support consultant. Peter also manages our consultancy and managed services team. Peter is a highly intelligent consultant with a social customer and result focus. Core competencies: Databases, Reports, Business Intelligence, Project Management and Microsoft SQL Server.

Kristian A

Kristian is a senior application and developer building systems ranging from web portals and ERP systems to mobile app development. Kristian is often engaged in long term projects and is very popular with our customers. When he is not working he spends time with friends around the poker table or snowboarding. Core competencies: C#, MVC, Java, VB.NET, back-end development and mobile apps

Annelie G

Annelie has worked as a financial manager / accountant for the last 15 years. Accounting Knowledge that includes extensive knowledge of export and import in industries such as alarm and electronics, Trade of printing equipment and recently also in the delivery of digital newspapers worldwide.

For Devcore she works both as a consultant for the customer in accountings as well as CFO. Annelie is considered to be very competent. She is responsible and used to having many balls in the air.

Annelie is additionally careful, cheerful and social and loves to tune around the family's large motor home to exciting places.

Björn W

Bjorn is a senior developer with an ISDA education from the Swedish Armed Forces background. He has done many database driven web site projects and developed applications for telemarketing support. Bjorn develops on many platforms using multiple languages. He is also a certified developer and one of our most senior MS SQL and MySQL consultants. Bjorn also consults in advanced network design, operations and managed services. He has also done many IP telephony projects for our customers. Prior to joining DevCore Bjorn held positions as an IT manager. When not working and spending time with his family he plays music in a band. Core competencies: C#, PHP, MS SQL, MySQL, Telemarketing Systems and

Core Competence:


Marcus E

Marcus is a senior consultant in software development using C#, PHP and SQL. He is an experienced SharePoint developer certified in .NET and SharePoint. Markus is very social and customer focused and a fantastic resource for project documentation. He quickly understands challenges and requirements, delivering a multitude of solutions. Core competencies: Microsoft Sharepoint, C#, PHP and MS SQL

Core Competence:

C# SharePoint PHP MSSQL

Marcus B

Markus is an experienced senior web and application consultant using C# and PHP and certified EPiServer Developer. One of the more complex projects he has worked in include developing a payment solution, security, web and reporting for a poker site. Markus is popular among customers as he is quick to understand requirements, challenges and finding solutions. Core competencies: C#, PHP, Ext JS, EPiServer, Backend and Frontend.

Michael S

Michael's is a senior web and application developer using PHP, C# and Java. His background in Windows and Linux system administration helps him create open and transparent solutions. Michael is a social and much appreciated consultant who is quick to find solutions to complex challenges. Core competencies: Linux/Unix, PHP, VB.NET, C# and MySQL

Henrik H

Henrik is a web developer using PHP and MySQL among other tools. He is also Microsoft Small Business Server certified and a very social and appreciated network and PC support consultant. His background in support and hardware sales is also a great asset. Core competencies: PHP, MySQL, Ms SBS, Networking, Windows Server, Exchange and PC-support.

Patrik S

Patric has extensive experience in .NET development, database modelling and creating end user friendly solutions. Among many different projects he has integrated wholesale and vendor systems. His background in server operations gives a multifacated approach in creating clever and unique solutions. Patric is a certified .NET

Victor R

Victor has an engineering degree from the Royal Institute of Technology and has a broad expertise in systems and integrations. He works primarily with Salesforce and Episerver but also general .NET development.

Victor is certified in Salesforce and EPiServer and has several Microsoft certificates in .NET.

In his spare time Victor likes to travel, meeting friends and family and to lift heavy in the gym.

Markus J

Markus is a software developer with wide experience in Frontend and several CMS systems. He is a certified EPiServer and .NET developer. When not working Markus is active playing floor ball and religiously follows Ice Hockey leagues. Core competencies: EPiServer CMS, .NET and PHP.

Rickard S

Rickard has more than 10 years’ experience of IT operations, network and PC support. He is certified in VMware and Microsoft Exchange. Richard is a dedicated and enthusiastic problem solver, with a great understanding for the customer business and IT requirements. He is focused on delivering results and is very much appreciated by customers and co-workers. Core competencies: VMware, Firewalls, Microsoft Exchange and all other Microsoft software.

Per L

Per has formal education in media and system development. He is an experienced web and application developer using EPiServer, PHP, SQL, Java and .NET. Per's background in quality assurance and testing drives his passion for solutions with excellent user functionality. Per is a certified .NET developer. Core competencies: EPiServer CMS, .NET and PHP.

Alexander W

Alexander has a degree in Application Development in .Net and has extensive experience of EPiServer Development and mastered both front-end and backendutveckling.

He is a nice, relaxed guy who is easy to work with and do his utmost to understand customer needs and deliver the best results possible.

Alexander is certified EPiServer developers and Microsoft Certified Solutions Developer (Certified in HTML5 / CSS3 / Javascript, MVC and Azure / Web services).

In his spare time he likes to spend time with family and firends. His interests are music and travel, and he takes every opportunity he gets to go out and discover new places.

Alexander L

Alexander studied engineering in Uppsala. There, he read statistics and various IT courses. During his training he mostly programmed in Java and Python, but has now begun to retrain for .Net.

He has a large engineering & webintresse and likes to learn new things, quite fast at it too.

Alexander has also worked as a ski instructor in the Alps and is on constant lookout for the perfect burger.

Daniel T

Daniel began working in the IT industry as a C ++ developer in 2000 at the company Datarutin where he assemblied system Melos. In 2005 he moved to web development using .Net platform. For a year he worked as a technical writer in EPiServer, but then went over to webteamet where he built and maintained their market site and developer community.

Daniel likes Code, communications and motorcycles and has over the years reluctantly realized that he also likes to work with JavaScript.

Fred B

Fred has 16 years IT experience in various engineering, pre-sales, product management, marketing, sales and management positions. Fred has extensive IT Security experience ranging from anti-malware and Endpoint Security to Authentication and Encryption Solutions on PC, Server and network platforms. He has worked 8 years in Scandinavia and 8 years in Australia and Asia. Fredrik is very social and a contact creator, and has always focused on the customer's requirements, goals and targets. Core competencies: Project Management, Leadership, Security, Sales, Marketing, Solutions and Business Processes.

Jonas H

Jonas read Media and Communication Technology at Linköping University and has worked with the support and installations since 2007.
He is a versatile guy who is equally at home in Mac OS X to Windows environments, like CMS's and has worked with both WordPress Multisite and Ektron CMS400 for many years and been editor with EPiServer.

Jonas is also certified in Google Analytics, Adwords and Bing.

Jonas describes himself as a loving rural northerner who like high mountains, motor sports and photography.

Marcus K

Marcus has worked with installation, configuration and implementation of the Microsoft platform solutions for 10 years. This has also included the development of SharePoint, .NET, PowerShell, CSS and JavaScript.

Marcus has a good teaching skills. With his background in infrastructure, he can relate to the organization's needs and understand the process to the end user.

Marcus is certified in Windows Server 2012 (MCSA), 2008 (MCITP) and HTML5.

Alongside job it is mainly family, games and movies on the schedule.

Linus E

Linus is a broad developers mainly within the web with experience in both the front and backendutveckling. He has a penchant for open source and security, and is just as well with JavaScript as C # or PHP.

Linus has easy to learn and constantly on the lookout for new technologies and solutions to experiment with.

Outside of work, it is often games, music and socializing with friends which attracts.

Ayman E

An excile northerner from Lulea living in Stockholm since 2007. In his luggage, Ayman has a Technology Master's degree with a major in computer science and has over eight years of experience as an IT consultant in web development primarily with EPiServer. He has moved in several parts of the development process, from development to project management and administration management. Ayman also had staff responsibility as team lead for a dozen employees.

In his spare time has Ayman several activities like gym training, cooking, baking and socializing with friends. There will also be a lot of movies and series. Music is a great interest, since he enjoys the musical works of all styles and shapes and also create their own musical works.

Anna I

Anna has worked in the IT industry for over 15 years. Mainly with sales, administration, education, and the last few years in various leadership roles. She is a good relationship creators that always strive for a fruitful partnership where everyone involved can evolve and exceed their goals.
On DevCore Anna has a coordinating role and does customer responsibility, management, project management and administration, and assorted shoring to management. She is a happy and positive person who always cares about customers, partners- and colleagues' well-being.
In her spare time she is devoted to family, horses, dogs and a lot of ice hockey from the sidelines and music in most forms.

Erik S

Erik has experience in network management and support but are really burning for cloud services. He is a happy and positive guy who never hesitates to help customers and colleagues. Problems are there to be solved quickly and efficiently.

Erik is certified on both Office 365 and Aruba Wireless Technology.

Spare time is spent with jogging, and spending time with family and friends, but also a lot of video games have time for.

Jonas N

Coming originally from Småland and has since adolescence always had an interest in programming and in 2010 he started a 2-year training at Nackademin. After completing the first internship Jonas was offered a job and started working with EPiServer development.

After working for a while with EPiServer, Jonas got the opportunity to start working with SharePoint and has since worked in mixed management with both SharePoint and EPiServer.

At leisure spending Jonas also where a lot of time at the computer with various games. Apart from games, Jonas has a cottage in the country. So he sits not at the computer, chances are you'll find him somewhere in Nykoping forests instead.

Kalle D

Kalle began his IT career as a web developer in Stockholm in the early 2000s. Since then he has for a long time operated a small digital design and development agency with responsibility for the delivery, management and staff. The company developed the business and crisis management systems, content to several different industries. He also helped start-up companies with the technical and innovative solutions and strategies.

On DevCore he works as an interface developer and designer and passionate about the usability.

Kalle like sports, nature and spending time with family and friends.
Kalle has a good eye for design, especially user interface design and usability.
He likes simple, clean, clear and colorful things.