Salesforce is one of the world's largest CRM system with over 100 000 customers. The system handles everything from sales to support, and internal communication of the company. Salesforce is entirely cloud-based which means no separate software is required and all information is available on Salesforce servers, this means that no maintenance of servers or software upgrades required.

New customers and sales added up smoothly and all data is always available in the cloud

For customer service and support is the opportunity to set up a customer portal for self-service, integration with social media like Facebook and Twitter, and more. There is also functionality to make mass mailings and to send out an email to the person concerned at certain events. The system is very changeable and own solutions and modifications can be built using the platform. Through feature Chatter is made possible in a simple way communication within the organization. It is also possible to connect to Salesforce via its iPhone and Androidklienter, as well as integration with Outlook and Gmail.

Through the portal AppExchange, third-party applications that extend the functionality of Salesforce purchased

DevCore is a Partner with certified Salesforce Consultants. Devcore currently working as developers and consultants in the sales force for both small and medium-sized companies and the consultants developed solutions in Salesforce Service Cloud and created integrations with EPiServer and the new functionality within Salesforce.

The consultants at DevCore include development of

The integration between Salesforce and EPiServer where FAQ and contact data synchronized from Salesforce over to EPiServer. Product Configurator which product packages are built in a tailor Salesforce page based on a hierarchical data structure in Salesforce. Advanced Webshop Salesforce to Salesforce product Idaapp basis and integration with CMS. Tailor-made checklist of complex validation, dependencies and pre-populated templates. The checklist used by the company's sales department for a quick and easy way to store accurate data about the customer. Telemarketing support, mailing functionality Salesforce module for Apsis Integration with BGC much more. :) DevCore Salesforce partner with core operations in Stockholm but we can help companies throughout Sweden and Europe.

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