System, Web Development and CRM

The IT consultants at DevCore helps companies with system and web development as well as everything around ERP, data analysis, reporting and web pages.

We've helped many companies with set of advanced web pages (in SharePoint, Episerver, Umbraco, Concrete5, WordPress, Joomla etc.), back office solutions, CRM systems, upgrades, integrations, reporting and application development. When we work with new development We work with different programming languages ​​(mainly .NET and PHP but always object oriented), platforms (Windows and Linux), CMS (preferably but not only SharePoint, Episerver, Umbraco or Concrete5) and CRM (Salesforce and Superoffice).
All for the customer to get the solution that is best for you! The combination of competence within different systems means that our IT consultants can see the whole picture for our customers. This has led to that our solutions create added value and often
better / cheaper or stronger solutions than the one outlined at the

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