1. Consultants


David G

David has great experience working with Web, CRM and operations. He has worked as CEO at DevCore since the start in 2006, David has great business know-how and helps our customers with strategic digital decisions regarding their web and intranet, he has a great deal of experience in marketing and conversion optimization as well as how you as a customer should think in questions about your communication - from both a technical and business perspective.

If you want some help with ideas about your communication and how to get to good function with that, it is never wrong to have a coffee or a meeting with him.

David is social, happy and customer focused, he always puts the customer's needs and solutions first. Apart from the above, David has experience as chairman of the management group at a YH-education, as CEO of Konsultfabriken AB and he is a fine at .. not so much more than the job. 😊

Alina L

Alina has worked with sales, technical support, customer service, accounting, administration etc. Alinas is a production leader and webeditor at DevCore. She also works with administration, takes care of the staff and the office and support the company management.

Alina likes to get together with friends and family, cuddle with dogs, listen to musik, dance and travel.

Ben C

Ben has a deep and broad experience in complex, value-driven B2B selling coupled with knowledge of many different IT vendors, technologies and systems.
His expertise is in building data-driven business cases that prove the value of both products and projects.