Below is a list of recommendations from some of our customers. We have chosen not to include names of the companies, positions or names of our clients, but these left happily out on request.

David Goldman, MD

"What makes DevCore a great partner for us is their sense of service, flexibility, speed and ability to know what, and how, we want it. One additional plus of the edge is that they are genuinely interested in the issues we work with. Their support and broad expertise creates security for us organization and we know they always do their very best for us. Good partnerships and good relationships is a key to success. DevCore is huge appreciated by the entire team and contributes greatly to our success."

"DevCore has long been a provider of services at me in most technologies (PHP, SQL, etc.) and areas (Salesforce, EPiServer, etc.). DevCores strength is that they are extremely responsive to customer needs and always deliver. "

"We have engaged consultants from DevCore to supplement its own staff in missions where it is needed resources in pure .NET Development, SharePoint, report settings, integrations and technology. DevCore has professionally helped our solution deliveries and other commitments.

Cooperation between DevCore and us have been going on for more than five years. DevCore always in a positive and helpful way, and within the policies and budgets agreed, delivered what we have demanded. We can therefore warmly recommend DevCore for similar data in other contexts. "

"We have for several years worked with DevCore IT partner. During this time, our company and the subsidiary has undergone major changes, which also affected the demands on our IT environment. We see great value in DevCores broad expertise, enabling us instead of hiring their own IT employees can fully buy the skills we need. It is flexible, cost effective and ensures that we are always the highest IT expertise in the company. We are very satisfied with the IT solution that we, together with the management of DevCore tailored to our needs. "

"We have long been customers of DevCore that helps us with programming. In DevCore we have found a stable and reputable supplier with strong commitment supports us both continuously and at different kinds of work tops. We are very happy. "

"We have used DevCore to our operations since 2005. We chose to have fixed periods of part-time consultants instead of hiring developers themselves. Additionally, we have several subsidiaries with different needs which made it appropriate to use DevCore when they have different skill specializations of its consultants. We have also had David Goldman as responsible for the overall strategy. DevCore carried out the work with good results and I can highly recommend them. "

"DevCore has for several years helped us with IT development and support, and does a very good job! The consultants are skilled, service-minded and lovely to deal with. We are very pleased with DevCore! "

"Since we chose to hire DevCore almost 2 years ago, their consultants have worked in a professional and creative manner. They are skilled at understanding our problems and suggest solutions, but also provide recommendations for better solutions. "

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