SharePoint intranet, which is a simple and effective way for a company to manage internal documents, news, reports, events, issues, abnormalities, injury reports, calendars, room bookings, contact lists and more.

SharePoint is also easy to use as a kind of portal to your other systems so that you get into sales reports, stock quotes, or else directly into SharePoint via WebParts.

DevCore delivers high quality and stylish intranet in SharePoint from Microsoft either tailored to the customer's specific design for the intranet or in the site's design.

SharePoint intranet is ideal for internal communication and can be adapted indefinitely, as an example, employees can have personal start pages with RSS feeds, twitter links, internal blogs, news etc.

It's easy to share and work on documents in SharePoint, create lists of documents according to specific premises and the right to control SharePoint intranet based on Active Directory.

SharePoint is integrated with Microsoft Office and Outlook, allowing you to transfer files to the system using drag and drop, and for example you can set up so that you see the intranet contact lists, shared calendars, and documents in Outlook.

SharePoint intranet and DevCore

DevCore has set up several intranet in SharePoint in both free versions of SharePoint and paid versions of SharePoint with very good results, we have also on many occasions helped to further develop the already established SharePoint intranet and corrected incorrectly set installations.

Using SharePoint intranet is just one of the applications that can be done with SharePoint. The web platform is also available as intranet, among other things, be used for case management and document management systems.

For examples of different DevCore missions within SharePoint to access SharePoint during selection.

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