Security is about much more than the products you use. It is about how you think when you use the products. However, it is essential to get to the good security that you actually have the technology behind supporting spray.

We have expertise in the following areas in terms of server and network security.

  • Monitoring
  • Symantec BackupExec (8-11d)
  • NetBackup
  • Norton Ghost
  • Online backups
  • Raid Solutions
  • Penetration testing
  • Encrypted disks (TrueCrypt)
  • Encrypted Traffic
  • VPN
  • Active Directory security
  • Insight Manager
  • Patch Management

DevCore uses and recommends including the following antivirus applications, depending on the environment:

  • Microsoft Security Essentials
  • Symantec Antivirus
  • Trend Antivirus

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