Web Development

DevCore help your company with the development of web pages. We have set up several websites for both large and small companies. We build both dynamic and static Web pages according to need.

A site is sometimes so much more than "just a business presentation." There may be a need for integration with backend systems, connections of betalllösnignar and much more. We have helped customers with all of that and more. Usually we set up systems with a good underlying CMS to make it as simple and flexible as possible for the customer to modify the pages.

CMS we usually use and can recommend

(Various systems are recommended based on the customer's needs.)

Similarly, there is the knowledge of many other CMS that we do not want to recommend other than for special needs.

  • Webshops, we usually use and recommend is:
  • Magento (open source)
  • osCommerce (open source)
  • EPiStore
  • Various plugins for different CMS systems.

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