Devcore has certified Episerver consultants

DevCore has 11 certified Episerver consultants and many customers that we actively assist in Episerver, either a couple of hours a month, on a regular basis, also on a day-to-day management or development in projects.

Episerver cms 5

Episerver cms 6

Episerver cms 7 (both mvc and webforms)

Episerver cms 8 (both mvc and webforms)

Episerver cms 9 (both mvc and webforms)

DevCore's Episerver consultants has been working on Episerver implementation and development since 2008 and has experience in Episerver 5 and beyond. DevCore's consultants have experience in implementing Imagevault, Episerver Find, Episerver Commerce, of course Google sitesearch and analytics, various add-ons and modules, the creation of advanced backoffice solutions and advanced responsive sites, we have also integrated Episerver with various other systems such as Salesforce CRM and SharePoint.

Our consultants have in addition to their extensive experience of creating Episerver-sites from scratch also taken over projects or existing solutions where dissatisfaction has existed with the current partner or where the need is more expertise support. We work near to the customer, either on distance or on site. Our consultants are also used to working with internal design departments or external agencies.

Examples of industries where we have strong references and made big as small assignments as Episerver Consultants:

  • Charities and associations
  • Agencies and authorities
  • Education companies
  • Pharmaceutical companies


Are you looking for Episerver consultants who are efficient, social and a provider that is flexible and easy to understand your needs?

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