Internationell EPiServer-site med responsiv design..

If you use Typekit’s advanced embed code, our improved version will dramatically improve load times for your users on slow connections or who use third-party resource blocking via e.g. browser extensions like Ghostery.


The major problem with this approach is that (until the font could be loaded and cached successfully) it might take up to 3 seconds for your users to be able to see any content; not once, but for every single page load.

There are at least two more or less regular scenarios in which this will be the norm:

  • Slow Internet connections

Even if you’re not catering to low-bandwidth users on the countryside or people in developing economies, mobile networks everywhere are slow and unreliable. This could hit any one of your users.

  • Third-party resources being blocked

The regular reason for this (at least in our experience) is, that the person is using a privacy-enhancing browser extension like e.g. Ghostery, and has set it to block all 3rd-party resources, unless explicitly allowed. Another reason could be some kind of protective Web proxy (e.g.FreedomBox) being used. In either case, it’s not visible to the user why your site or application is so incredibly slow.