Leave Calendar - Installation and Usage

Below is a collection of common issues that can occur when installing the Leave Calendar as well as general usage questions that may arise.

Installing DevCore Leave Calendar

  • Quick guide

    Follow the below steps to install this app. A more thorough walkthrough follows.

    1. As a tenant administrator, go to SharePoint Admin Center -> Apps -> Purchase Apps.
    2. Find the Leave Calendar app and add it.
    3. When prompted for a Microsoft account, create one or sign in to one. This account is not one associated with your work or school (or a onmicrosoft.com account).
    4. Assign licenses to users that will be using the app.
    5. Add the app to any site you are an owner or administrator of by using Add an app in the settings menu.

    Permission Requirements

    In order to add this app you need to be a tenant administrator or have an app catalog setup to request a tenant administrator’s approval. The following guide covers the former.

    Verify Tenant Administrator role

    1. Browse to https://****-admin.sharepoint.com where **** is the name of your Office 365 account.

    If you have access, you should have the correct permissions.

    If you do not have access, you need to either follow the steps for installing with approval of a tenant administrator or ask a tenant administrator to add you as an administrator for SharePoint.

    Verify Site Collection Administrator role

    1. Browse to https://****-admin.sharepoint.com/_layouts/15/online/SiteCollections.aspx
    2. Select the site collection where you will be installing the app by selecting the row.
    3. Click Site Owners and verify you are a member of the site collection administrators group by clicking Manage Administrators.

    Installation instructions as tenant administrator

    1. Go to SharePoint Admin Center by using the app launcher or browsing to https://****-admin.sharepoint.com where **** is the name of your Office 365 account.



    2. Go to Apps in left navigation and click on Purchase Apps on the page.


    3. Search for the app and click on it. Click on Try it.


    4. Sign in with a Microsoft account. Note this is not the same as your current work account and needs to be a regular account not associated with a company or school. It does not need any permissions on any of your SharePoint or Office 365 sites. Create an account if you do not already have one.


    5. Confirm that you want to add the app.


    6. If you see the message below, click Retry.


    7. Click on Manage License to assign users to the newly added app.


    8. Add up to 20 people as users by assigning licenses for the newly added app.


    9. Go to the site where you want to add the app and click on Add an app in the settings menu.


    10. Click on the app to add it to the site.


    11. Click on Trust it to accept the permissions of the app.

Installation Issues

  • Sorry, only tenant administrators can add or give access to this app

    Because this app requires certain permissions, you can only add it in one of the following two ways:

    • By adding the app from SharePoint Admin Center -> Apps -> Purchase an App.
    • By creating an App Catalog from SharePoint Admin Center -> Apps -> App Catalog and requesting approval of the add-in

    .See the installation guide for instructions of adding the app from SharePoint Admin Center.

  • Sorry, you don't have the permissions to add apps here

    You are lacking the required permissions to install the add-in.

    In general you need to be a Site Owner (or have the permission to manage website) to install add-ins, but in the case of this add-in you need to be an administrator of either the tenant (access to SharePoint Admin Center) or the site collection.

  • Your tenant administrator has to approve this app. Request Approval.

    The message suggests you have an App Catalog setup for handling requests for new apps. In order to proceed with the installation, click on Request Approval and either wait for a tenant administrator to approve the app from the App Catalog or approve it yourself if you are a tenant administrator by going to SharePoint Admin Center -> Apps -> App Catalog.

  • That Microsoft account doesn't exist. Enter a different account or get a new one.

    In order to add apps to SharePoint you need to use a Microsoft account. This account is not the same as your work or school account and would therefor usually give you this error when trying to add the app.

    Simply sign in to a Microsoft account or create a new one and proceed with the installation. 

    Note: this account does not require any permissions to your SharePoint site and does not need to be associated in any way with your user licenses.

  • You can’t add this app here

    This usually happens because of incorrect permissions.

    In order to add the app successfully one of the following needs to be true:

    • You are an administrator of the site collection of the site where you are installing the app.
    • You are a tenant administrator.
    • You have an app catalog setup to handle installation requests.

    The reason for this is that the app needs to be trusted when added because of its permission requirements.

  • Check in the App Catalog if the Leave Calendar add-in is approved. Go to https://***-admin.sharepoint.com/_layouts/15/online/ManageAppCatalog.aspx (where *** is the name of your SharePoint domain). If you don't have an app catalog setup, approval for apps isn't possible and the only way to add the add-in is from Purchase an App in SharePoint Admin Center. See the installation guide on this page for full instructions.n)

  • If you try to add the add-in to a site where it has already been added, the same message will appear, so verify this by going to https://***.sharepoint.com/_layouts/15/viewlsts.aspx?view=14 where ** is the name of your SharePoint domain. This assumes the site in question is the top level site and not a sub site.

  • 1. Remove the license

    2. Download a trial, click TRY IT.

    3. Click Manage License

    4. Now you will see your license in the View a purchase box.


  • Emails are sent via a SharePoint workflow. This is also responsible for auto-approving leave requests that have Requires Approval set to false.

    If no emails are sent and/or approval for certain requests are not working, verify that workflows are not blocked in your enviroment.

    Verify that workflows are not disabled/blocked by making sure the checkbox for Block SharePoint 2013 workflows is unchecked by going to https://***-admin.sharepoint.com/_layouts/15/online/TenantSettings.aspx where *** is the name of your SharePoint domain.

    Another issue may be that users are lacking permissions to the underlying workflow lists. If users by default only had read permissions, they need to explicitly have edit/contribute permissions to the LeaveCalendar/Lists/WorkflowHistoryList and LeaveCalendar/Lists/WorkflowTaskList. You can change this buy going to these lists, click Modify View under the List tab in the ribbon menu, click Settings in the breadcrumb title of the Modify View page and finally clicking List Permissions from the settings page of each list.

  • In Settings and Leave Options, you can change Types of Leaves.

  • Users, departments and managers are populated from the user profiles of SharePoint. If only a few users show up or none at all, it is most likely because those people do not have a department set on their user profile.

    If users are synced from an on-premise AD this information should be synced automatically. If not, you will have to go the SharePoint Admin Center and User Profiles and fill in this information manually.

    After this information is present, it may take up to a day (but most likely much less) for the users to appear in the Leave Calendar as the calendar retrieves the information from the search index which would be empty until the next search crawl.

    Likewise, in order for manager approval emails to work, the user must have a manager set on their profile.

  • Approvals are handled by regular SharePoint permissions and settings. In order for a manager to approve a request that user need to have that permission level set (Approver in this case). This can either be set on the parent (host) web or on calendar list itself. The former is recommended as there is no easy built-in way to handle permissions on individual lists on app-webs unfortunately.

    In order to set permissions on indivdual lists, you need to click on List Permission on the list settings page. The easiest way to get to the list settings page is by going to a list view of the list, clicking Modify View then clicking on Settings in the breadcrumb title link. This process would ideally have to be repeated for the calendar list (LeaveCalendar/Lists/Events), the WorkflowHistoryList (LeaveCalendar/Lists/WorkflowHistoryList) and the WorkflowTaskList (LeaveCalendar/Lists/WorkflowTaskList).

    In addition, please note some of this information and then some you can find under the Support page in the add-in.


  • Set your browser to InPrivate mode or use another computer since it might be a cache related issue.

    Make sure you are a site collection admin.

    If neither of the above works, try to remove the add-in and download the add-in again.

  • You have du assign a license for each user.

    This is done as follows

    1.                         Open the SharePoint Administration panel.

    2.                         Click apps and Manage Licenses.

    3.                         Click Leave Calendar.

    4.                         Click assign licenses


    5.                         In the name box, type the username you want to assign a license to and click Add User.

  • The price is a one-time fee per user (every user has to have his own license).

    Any update of the software uploaded to the store is available free of charge.

  • Everyone can see the calendar.

  • You must add those users who will use the Leave Calendar within your organization. The users must be registered SharePoint users and have sufficient privileges in the Leave Calendar site. You manage the Leave Calendar from your SharePoint Administration Control Panel.

    Do like this:

    1. Open the SharePoint Administration panel.

    2. Click apps and then Manage Licenses.

    3. Click Frånvarokalender.


    4. Click assign licenses

    5. In the name box, type the username you want to assign a license to and click Add User.

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