Where standard functionality can’t be configured according to process or preferences, Salesforce allows further development through and Apex. is a platform for creating cloud-based applications. Salesforce is highly customizable and its own solutions and modifications can be built through the platform.

Some apps require more customization than standard functionality allows, and then Apex code can be used for further development. Apex is Salesforce's own programming language that allows advanced business logic, creation of triggers, and API calls to other systems.

DevCore has, among other things, helped clients with:

  • Integration between Salesforce and CMS (Episerver, WordPress)
  • Product Configurator
  • Advanced webshop
  • Mailings Functionality
  • Integration with BGC (Bankgirocentralen)
  • Subscription Management (Zuora)
  • Integration with ERP (Visma)
  • Education, course and participant management
  • Advanced forecast

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